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My Leap Of Faith.

 Hi guys! Remember me?  This post is an end AND this post is a beginning.  I have chosen to call an end to this Blog, It will stay here - but I won't be adding much to it if anything ever again. (Sounds of great wailings and the gnashing of teeth!!) This is my chance to thank everyone who has supported me here. From a beginning as a lonely place created to practice writing, to an place of pride and great personal accomplishment to a quiet, abandoned asylum haunted only by occasional ghosts of activity. This tiny space I created on the web has seen an entire story arc. Comedy and Tragedy.  But please, please don't say good bye, because I've started a new endeavor.  Inspired by Chris Schwarz (and when am I not) I've decided to sent up a new house for my particular brand of bullshit over on Substack. The platform is interesting to me in that it has answers for some of my frustrations about blogging here on my originally chosen platform "Blogger" and carries other

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