A Nice Pair

Two more saw handles done today! and that would finish the ones I plan to refurbish, I took the handle off my crappy "Jack" dovetail saw that never seemed to work. I think now that the real issue was the handle itself. The Handle was offset from central with a spring button that would let it switch from Left handed to Right handed and back. This versatility seemed like a great idea to my untrained eye. This was literally one of the first woodworking tools I purchased for myself to help me cut some half laps on my first ever project, a simple frame to act as a canopy over our pencil post bed. I always hated it. Today with a new handle I was able to actually bring some pressure to bear on the handle and amazingly . . . the saw cut just like it should. So now I have decided to delay some of my plans to re-tooth the saw to be more aggressive. Cut a few practice dovetail pins into some of the scrap poplar and it worked pretty nice.

The saw turned out great, the rivets worked much better for me this time. One simple thing seemed to help but I didn't think about it the first time when I was working with the open handle. Too excited and in a hurry to see the work complete I guess. This time I had the where with all to counter sink the holes the heads of the rivets fell into. Worked like a charm! the saw looks and cuts good. I'm proud of this one.

I finished up the "D" handle pretty quick, so I took the time to cut and fit a new handle on the flexible flush cut saw. This time I followed no pattern, I simply cut out a something I thought would work well and shaped it further with rasp, card scraper and sand paper. fits the hand like a glove and cuts pretty well. One of the rivets didn't sink down so nice on this handle and so it's got a little rock in it.and that may cause it to fail in the future, but when that happens, I'll replace it again.

Now just because I'm done replacing these handle does not mean I'm done with saws. My next day off is Tuesday, and I plan to use that day to work on creating a bow saw. After that may come a frame saw. I do have some ideas about creating some planes from scratch as well, we'll see how that develops in my mind as I drive forward here.

Anyhow enjoy the pics. . . and I will be posting again soon.


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