The Universe Will Provide . . . Interuption, After Interuption, After . . .

Once, a long while ago, I was very involved as a co-owner of a company that produced medieval and renaissance style faires, At one point our company was asked to consult with an area buisness about putting on their own faire to promote their buisness. As we offered some of our expertise and tried to ask prying questions into their plans for advertising and what not, and they kept coming back to a recurring pattern of speech that said variations on the phrase "Ya, that's cool, and we'd really like to try something like that, but really I'm not worried because the universe will provide."

Very Big Lebowski-ish, I should have asked the lady if she wanted to be called "The Dude-ette" or "Dude-erella" or "Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Dude" if I wasn't feeling the whole brevity thing.

My buisness partner and I walked out of that meeting shaking our heads and laughing, to this day "The Universe Will Provide" is a phrase one of us will bust out to add some levity when there seems to be a huge pile of work before us.

Maybe I'm just more sensitive than usual because I'm feeling under a bit of a time crunch, but I have made a commitment to do a weekend of hand tool woodworking in front of the public the weekend of June 19th & 20th at the Olde English Faire near Peoria Illinois. and I have just started the Joinery Bench that I want to use to work from. but this last week and a half I have been able to get no where, My shop is too small to do glue ups in, necessary to pull off the laminated 2x constructed top, and we just finished up a week of nothing but rain and super cold weather, The weather improved this weekend, but I was schedueled to spend the whole weekend ata a nearby communities Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day) Festival promoting Tribe Woden Thor, the Medieval Reenactment group I am a member of.  A lot of fun, but still no work was accomplished.

I can almost hear the clock ticking in my ear.

So if your are not the kind of person who will sit and wait for the universe to provide for you,  what do you do when you feel like the universe is working against you? (pic from the Hubble Telescope found on Wikipedia)

My answer is you knuckle down and work harder. I vow to continue to rail against the falling sands of time and accomplish everything I can. (I know, I know, a bit over the top) We'll see if I can do it.A real challenge. . .  I accept.



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