Conspiracy Theory

Before I start I want to add a little disclaimer, If you easily get squeamish or sick at the sight of a wound or blood, then you should skip this post. I don't think there is nothing over the top here, it's a story about a small wound suffered tonight, I'll be 100% in 10 days at the most but I don't want to ambush anyone who can't take it.

I have to laugh, just the other day I posted a article on this blog inspired by Adam Cherubini's Global War on Table Saws, Not agreeing and not in opposition, just in parallel. If you want to read it you can find it HERE.

Well tonight it seems my hand tools have risen up against me in response to my reassembly of the table saw. I'm sure they quietly huddled in the corners of the shop, holding secret meetings when I wasn't looking or wasn't there. It makes me think of those old WWII POW camp movies, but instead of digging a hole to get outta there, they were plotting revenge.

I'm sure there was one final meeting to select the one who would make the strike. The hammers were ruled out, to be taken serious they would probably cause too much damage. The hand saws felt they would be too obvious the culprits. The others all lined up and drew lots. My 1" wide Irwin chisel drew the black lot. He waited until I was comfortable, until he had been newly sharpened, until late in the day. He had already done a lot of work for me today, but he wasn't done. I was cutting a row of dovetails for a upgrade to my Moxon twin screw vise, I'm sure I'll get the pics up here about the idea soon, I ate some supper and returned to the shop to pare the joints to a tight fit. I made a heavy push to pare away some wood and the chisel struck, jumped off the board and bit into the meat on the fingertip pad of my left ring finger. I knew it was not good instantly. I grabbed a bottle of water and dumped it over the wound as the blood began to flow. Yup I didn't have to work had to figure it out, This was gonna need stitches.

The funny thing is, and it fits into this conspiracy theory, I just bought a small first aid kit for the shop two days ago and actually brought it out to the shop yesterday. Now I have to buy another one.

I wrapped it up and called my wife, I picked her up on the way to the ER, They numbed it up, washed it out and put a few stitches in it. I now have a big bandage around my finger that I can take off tomorrow night. I got the day off work tomorrow, and now all I have to do is convince my wife to let me into the shop tomorrow.

I would say lesson learned but I cannot think of anything I did wrong, sometimes it's jsut on e of those things.Thank God it wasn't into anything vital or a more troublesome wound. a clean cut that will heal quick. So here is the final warning I'm going to put up a couple pics I took with my phone while in the ER. Last chance to click away now.
Turn that frown upside down.
All Better.

Cheers and Be Safe



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