The 100th Blog Post!!!! (A Glimpse Into The Future)

Wow... Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to graciously welcome you to the 100th blog post here on the Oldwolf Workshop. Starting in June of 2009 up to right now September 2010. Starting from scratch and now in the ball park of 12400 page hits. Not knowing what to expect when I started, this blog has been kind of a wild ride for me, sometimes a bit of an ego boost but most of the time humbling. It's an odd thing to kind of open yourself up here online to any stranger with a search engine, I lay it all out here, my triumphs and my mistakes, sometimes it's pretty, sometimes it's pretty ugly, but it is always as close to me and what I'm feeling and thinking and doing in the moment as I can get.

The coolest things that have happened through this blog have not been what I originally thought they would be. In starting I wanted a record of what I have made and the evolution of my work and work habits, and I like that I can do that, but the coolest thing has been the connections I have been able to make to other like minded people. From regular commentators like David and Badger to people I have gotten to know a bit through the connected avenue of Twitter. From obscurity and posts celebrating 1000 page hits to today where I have my site here included in the blog rolls of many other great woodworker's sites, including being added to Popular Woodworking's blog roll. This adventure even includes my current efforts recording a couple of my posts for Matt Vanderlist's Spoken Wood Podcast. (though getting this right has been a difficult adventure for me, but I'll get it figured out)

So this is a quick post of celebration for me. A chance to say Thank You to my readers, both old and new, and a quick look to what the next 100 posts may bring.

Currently I am working on finishing off an Oldwolf Workshop version of the Dominy Tall Case Clock, a classic piece of American Furniture. I started building this piece while we were still living in Maine, but I have finally had the opportunity to finish her off, much to my wife's delight. Here's a pic in progress...
I have also recently been given an incredible gift from my father in law Bob. In 1865 his grandfather, grandmother, and great uncle traveled to America from Norway. His Great Uncle Melvin Indahl was a carpenter in the "old country" and though he became a farmer in the South Dakota Badlands after moving here, be brought with him a large chest full of tools. The chest passed down to Bob's father and eventually to him, making the travels there was tools added and tools lost, but it is still full of many, many tools. So much I have not even gotten to lay my eyes on everything yet. So you can look forward to seeing me work to restore and repair some of these tools and I am seriously contemplating making a new version of this chest so I have one to use in my shop and this one can retire to my home.
You may also get to read as I take some steps closer to becoming a professional full time woodworker. I'm taking baby steps in that area but you never know where another year, or another 100 blog posts, will take you.

I'm very excited for the next 100 blog posts, excited for the next year, and excited just to see where we can go from here.

Cheers, and once again Thank You



  1. Ahh, the Centennial post!

    A toast of the beverage that would warm the coldest heart!


    I suggest a couple quarts in a nice sealed container. You are going to need it.

  2. The toolbox gift is pretty awesome, that sounds like hours of fun.

  3. Congratulations. I may be new as a reader, but I'll be here for the 1000th post!

  4. Wooow!!...
    the old toolbox is like a treasure chest.


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