Redemption . . . Of Sorts.

More to come soon . . .

Ratione et Passionis

P.S. Missed what this is about? You can read about my Epic Fail HERE.


  1. Looks good! The transitions where that thumbnail molding changes directions are always awkward. I haven't figured out a good solution. I think your corners work fairly well -- not so sure about the butt joints.

    I guess I shouldn't point out that this is arguably an incorrect use of the possessive s? :-)

    1. LOL, You could be right about the possessive "S" but it is exactly how the line was sent to me by the client. Plus I guess one could argue that since this sign is to be hung on the side of their RV whilst in various parks in Florida. So I suppose one could argue the sign may intend to refer to the fact that the RV would belong to them. . . .

      I struggled with transitions and corners for a while, and eventually I went back to the base material and looked at how they were handled on pieces from the 17th century. and most of the time the fact that there was a transition was flat out ignored, as I did in the butt joints.

      I have found that I look at details like that more closely because I am a woodworker and carver and at demos, when I have asked non woodworkers to point out problems, hell when I've downright dared them to find my mistakes, offered them five dollars if the can. The task is daunting to them and many can't do it, (kids are the ones who have the most success) Non woodworkers only see the movement and the shapes created, they're not invested in the details like we are.

  2. You're right about the details... I've taken to not pointing out any problems I have with a piece, because if I don't no one ever notices. I noticed Peter F. posted a photo of one of his pieces as an illustration and then commented on two or three things he'd gotten wrong -- and I didn't even notice those. So you're right that we probably obsess too much, but that's how we improve I suppose!


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