A Touch of Patience is Required

If there is one thing I dislike reading in blogs it is the obligatory "Wow, seems I haven't written anything here in a while, I will have to remedy that." post. In my experience that means one more post will pop up in my reader, followed by another six month (or longer) lapse. 

I've taken sabbaticals from writing here as frequently as possible before. Mostly for not great reasons. This time around I am happy to relate that it is because we have been spending time moving into a new home we purchased on the north side of La Crosse. 

Better yet, this house has a sizable garage that will become the home for a new shop/studio space. I'm out of the tin shed and into a real structure. 

The house is around 80% unpacked and set around. The studio is about 65-70% set up. When it hits a more complete number I promise a new shop tour. The biggest hamper is we have yet to arrange an Internet hookup at the house, leaving me to resort to our mobile phones and coffee houses for my data needs. 

Needless to say nearly everything in our lives has taken a backseat to this endeavor, but I should be able to spend some time making shavings by early July. 

I have still been thinking about and planning posts this whole while. The notes app on my phone is chocked full of them an I'll be getting some of those out soon. 

Until then the management would like to thank you for your patience while this area is under construction. 

Ratione et Passionis 


  1. good luck with moving in, it is a huge job. I look forward to your return to the Blogsphere. And I want to buy your book, it sounds cool.


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