Celebrating A Few Fun Milestones

Yesterday I hit a few small milestones here on the blog that I thought worth mentioning.

First, I managed to write my 300th blog post.

Second, I topped 250,000 hits. Over a quarter million views. That's nickels and dimes in internet currency but to me that's a huge number.

I've read several things lately on blogging and why to do it, especially in the online woodworking community. Are you trying to generate clients to commission your unique bespoke treasures? Are you trying to create a community of discussion around your work and techniques? Are you interested in journaling your experiences in woodworking? Typing the blog for yourself, removed from the pressures or caring what others think or believe. Maybe writing on your blog is fulfilling your dreams of being an independent reporter. Or a teacher. Or a self branding media mogul champion of the world.

I don't blame anyone for any of these ideals. I've gone through all those permutations at one time or another.

It comes down to two simple things for me. The first, and most important, is improvement. Several years ago I wanted to get better at working with hand tools. The answer was to get those tools into my hands and work with them. Overtime my technique improved and I figured out my own rhythm and style.

I started writing this blog for much of the same reason. I've always been fairly good at writing, I wanted to be better. Giving myself an opportunity to do it on a regular basis seemed to make sense and I believe it has. I cringe a bit when I go back to read posts from three or four years ago and I fight the urge to edit and rewrite them. Their existence is part of the journey.

But why a blog? Why something public and not practice my writing in a private journal. It starts as a bit of ego and enjoying an audience, but I've found a cooler by product in the public vetting of what I'm writing and what I'm doing. When I'm off track people have no problem telling me, often it happens in polite emails, and I appreciate that a lot. I'd rather be questioned and be brought back to center that be left hanging out in left field.

Why blog? Because the process helps me learn.

Thank you to everyone who takes a pause in their day to read a little here. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment here or email me with questions or corrections.

Derek Olson


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