So....Uhhhh....What's Going On?

Things have been quiet here on the Blog for a while, but the shop has been lightly bouncing along. I thought everyone deserved an update on the goings on round here.


The work on my book based on building the furniture depicted in the Morgan Bible. I submitted a query to one publishing company, Lost Art Press. The quality of their books and their expertise really made me want to work with them even more than my original ideas of self publishing.

Unfortunately, I was turned down by Chris and company, not because the either the concept or I lacked merit, if it were simply that I would have a green light, but more because at the moment they are bogged down in a mountain of projects. Enough to keep them busy for the next five plus years. That would put me on the back burner there for a while even if they said yes, and thats not something I'm completely comfortable with either.

So the plan at the moment is self publication, or as I'm calling it, "I'm gonna Konovaloff the sumavabitch." It may take longer, but the complete control of the entire process suits my personality flaws.

Chris has been kind enough to help fill some of my knowledge holes about the publication process and I do have an open invitation to resubmit it to LAP when I've finished. I'll make that decision when it's time, but until then,, it's time to apply foot to gas pedal. Whether that means you will see more or less of me here, I cannot tell for certain.

We will have to both be surprised.



I've been reading "Oak Furniture: The British Tradition" (V. Chinnery) and building an small arming chest of from white oak for a very good friend and fellow medieval enthusiast. A short passage in the book writes about how a lot of 17th and 18th century furniture was lined with wood block printed paper. My art education years (centuries ago) had included a decent amount of time doing printmaking.

There is no greater power than to give an imaginative teenage boy the skillset and materials required to make his own propaganda.

So I resurrected some of those skills and cut a couple 6x6 blocks to print with. From what I understand, historical printed papers were not carved in the same style as the outside of the chest, (two different craftsmen doing two separate jobs) and the ink was like Henry Ford's pallet choice.

"Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it is black."

Often my problem is that I cannot leave well enough alone.

Chess anyone?


The workshop. The weather has turned here in Wisconsin and the shop has migrated back out from the four season porch I dubbed "The Winter Shop" to the full sized shop that takes up our garage. The best part is through this spring cleaning and rearrangement I finally feel like I've gotten things arranged the right way and I've added a new area to the shop I've been wanting for a while.

We established my control issues earlier, Now I will be able to have more control of the steel and hardware that gets used in my work.

I have a forge.

Ratione et Passionis


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