Shop Stool Build Off: Epilogue.

Almost 22 months ago I participated in a pretty fantastic event. Chris Wong organized a one day build off where all involved were to make a new shop stool during the duration of that 24 hours. I built a stool based on the Plate 11 workbench from Roubo.

I don't remember much about the day and the build. I was a concerted blur of effort to get all the joinery done. Four double mortise and tenons for the top and eight more mortise and tenons for the stretchers around the legs. All I do remember is it was damn cold in the shop that day, my little R2-D2 heater barely helped at all.

This is where the build ended. I had intentions of finishing the seat with a little sculpting and maybe applying a little finish the next day, but it didn't happen. It didn't happen for almost 22 months. The stool kicked around the shop. basically unusable because the seat tenons were still proud of the top.

But recently I started a big kick of finishing up some of the things I began but never quite put the period on the sentence. This stool was one of the first things I grabbed.

I planed the tenons and the top and eased all the edges. The white oak had picked up some stains as it kicked around so I gave it a coat of dark, slightly reddish stain. Several coats of garnet shellac, and a coat of clear paste wax.

The results were quite nice. The ray flecks and the grain pop just enough, Best yet, it's done!!

I love how the finish accentuated the hand tool marks. I love more that it's done, and I can use it, and I can move on. If you want to see the accumulated social media pictures from the original build (I had to look to remind myself how the day went) I have them in a blog post HERE.

Ratione et Passionis


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