Workshop Series 2018

It's a proud moment for me. I'm happy to offer the culmination of several months of work. If you've followed my days on Instagram you have seen snippets of my deep dive back into the world of illustration, watercolor, and "hang on your wall" art. If I can blame one person for this it would be Peter Galbert and his book "Chairmaker's Notebook" which connected in my mind for the first time, the work I can do standing at the bench and the years I'd spent before studying and working on art at the drafting table. It took me a few years to kick the rust off my pencils and brushes, but here we are.

I set out to capture the attitude and dynamism of traditional hand tool woodworking and created the Workshop 2018 Art Print Series. This is a series of 9 quality prints of the original watercolor and ink compositions, offered in a convenient to display postcard size of 4" x 6"

But why postcard size prints?

I find surrounding myself with encouraging art, stickers, and images only makes my creative spaces better, but it is easy to run out of wall space for poster sized prints. Postcard sized prints offer flexibility to display in any configuration and in many places regular sized art prints cannot. They could be framed and matted for a formal office/study display, tacked to the inside of a tool chest, hung inside an apothecary nail cabinet, and even used as bookmarks to save the place of your next woodworking project inspiration.

The 9 scenes included are "Cutting Dovetails," "Hand Drill," "Turning," "Shooting Board," "Tool Shelf," "Smoothing Plane," "Mortise Chopping," "Scroll Sawing" and "Dovetailing Tools."

These aren't simple prints spit out of an ink jet printer and thrown in the mail. Each of the 9 watercolors was scanned in at high resolution and professionally printed on thick, premium 14 pt. stock with a matte finish that cuts out the reflective glare. Each print is individually signed on the back. These are high quality objects and I couldn't be more proud of how they turned out.

Available for $30.00 per set with free shipping to the US (international shipping will be more, Etsy assures me it has it in order but time will tell)

I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed my time making them, if it's successful there is a chance this will make an annual return. I'm also considering doing series based on other theaters of traditional craft, blacksmithing, leatherworking, book binding . . . speculation and carts and horses at this point.

Two more things before you go enter your order.

One - This is a bootstrapped venture for my family and I and we appreciate your support. I would like to beg your indulgence to take a few minutes and help spread the word. I will be doing my best to make enough noise but every little bit helps.

Two - This also marks my official entry into the world of freelance illustrating. If you have a book, article, or any other project and want to collaborate on to create unique visuals then we should talk. Please email me at

This is very exciting. Thanks for all your support.
Ratione et Passionis



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