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Shop art is a bit like tattoos. Whether you have one piece or a skin-full, there is a story and a feeling to each one. As it evolves over time it tells a story. At least with shop art it's easier to change out a bad decision or a bad memory.

I got the photo above sent to me earlier this week by someone who purchased the set of Art Prints I recently offered for sale. He said he'd been looking for "just the right art" for his shop and he seemed happy he found it. (He has a really nice looking tool cabinet going on there as well!) It's humbling and energizing to get to see your work through someone else's eyes.

I've been on the fence about hanging up a set in my own shop. It feels a little masturbatory, but I did design these prints with the thought in mind "What would I want to have hanging in my shop? Maybe other people would like that too."

So this afternoon after I finished making sawdust for the day I took a set and walked around hanging the cards in my own eclectic way. Spreading them around made it feel less self serving and more "Where's Waldo"-ish

On the Saw Till

On the Hardware Cabinet

Inside the Tool Chest's lid

Framed inside the Tool Shelf

I wasn't paying attention when I hung the prints behind the tool shelf and my mortise chisels cover the smoothing plane print.


At least I'll get to see it whenever I make a mortise. (which is fairly often)

I can live with that.

There are still prints for sale. There are 9 prints of my original watercolor artwork. They are professionally printed on quality 4x6 stock that offers a versatility to display larger prints do not. The cost for the set, US shipping included, is $30.

I have around 70 sets available right now. I'm undecided if I will be ordering more from the printer once these are gone. That means if you are interested in adding these to your shop you should get your order in sooner than later. They may be all gone and you may be out of luck. 

You can go to my Etsy shop here: Oldwolf Workshop Etsy Shop

Or even email me direct at

Thank you

Ratione et Passionis


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