Just Imagine It!

Can you imagine building a great looking and functional slant lid tool chest like this??

Wait wait. . .  even better!!

Can you imagine attaching fantastic blacksmith made hardware like this??

Wait . . wait . . .don't say anything just yet!

Can you picture immersing yourself in the work, surrounded by like-minded students and teachers, room and board included in an idyllic setting like this?? (minus the snow of course!)

The Mill House where meals are cooked and beds are found.

The Barn where the woodworking portion of the class will happen.

Outside forges at the Smithy

Inside the smithy and the instructor forge/

Inside the barn. . . Not what you thought was it? Me neither. 

One of the Gypsy houses on the grounds.

This May 2nd - 5th Blacksmith Tom Latane and I will be teaching a joint woodworking / blacksmithing class at the Tunnel Mill Craft School just south of Rochester MN. Students will spend half the day making wood shavings and sawdust and the other half hammering hot metal into submission.

The school offers students room and board (meals included) at no additional fee. This also offers the chance to continue working on the projects past regular "class time" helping everyone take home a completed project and enjoy the continued camaraderie that happens at these events.

The class is of limited size. We are only accepting 8 students for this go around. Don't wait to decide, whether you spend your creative time hammering at the forge or sawing at the workbench (or you're just starting and looking to experience both)

There's more information over at the Tunnel Mill WEBSITE, and for more questions and to sign up email Carol at jc-adams@msn.com, or call 507-289-4189.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!!

Ratione et Passionis


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