Slant Lid Tool Chest Class


A class marrying both the skills of traditional blacksmithing and traditional hand tool woodworking with the goal of making a highly attractive slant lid chest with a drop front.


The Blacksmithing portion of the class will be taught by Thomas Latane. ( ) A man whose creative pedigree is longer than almost any other maker I can think of. The man's work is in museums and high end collections around the country.

If you can judge a maker by his shop, two seconds around the forge he built for himself will tell you everything you need to know. I'm inspired every time I step my privileged foot inside.

The woodworking portion of the course will be taught by me. Derek Olson. While I don't carry the long pedigree of Tom I have worked hard over the last decade plus to understand and hone my abilities working wood using hand tools. This Blog is a testament to that process. In the past I taught adults to work in healthcare settings at a Technical College and left for financial reasons. (The pay sucked)

I missed teaching though and I've been fishing for the right opportunity to combine my passion for woodworking with that desire to teach. I've been doing public demo's for years and recently have taught a few half day seminars to accompany Mark Harrell's Bad Axe Saw Sharpening Seminars.


Student days will be split in half. The first part of the day will be spent with one instructor focused on one medium.

Then lunch will occur.

And the second half of the will be spent with the other instructor.

Evenings can be spent focused on whichever area the student feels they need to work on. Both of us will be around to help.

Both parts of the chest, the wood and the hardware, will be married together in the end.


The class will take place May 2nd - 5th at Tunnel Mill Craft School ( ) located a few miles south of Rochester MN.

Tunnel Mill has a great advantage that it offers a bed and meals included with student tuition. This creates a fully immersive atmosphere where you can lose yourself in the heady waters of craft and maker fellowship for four fantastic days.


Why wouldn't you want to have a great tool chest like this for use in your shop and to show off as you travel to other classes. Or maybe you won't want it for the shop at all. It's a versatile enough (and attractive enough) design to fit in many places where you need some extra storage. 


Dual skill classes like this are a rarity and class size is limited. For more answers and to book your place contact Carol Adams at or call 507-289-4189

Hope to see you there!!!

Ratione et Passionis


  1. What a great concept for a class! Fantastic idea Derek! Best of luck with it.


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