2020 Combined Craft Class

I only get to teach one class a year and I'm so lucky to offer it in conjunction with Blacksmith Thomas Latane. I get to teach a group of students hand tool woodworking techniques. He teaches them traditional blacksmithing techniques.

IF the stars align, by the final day the students have a completed (or nearly completed) project showcasing their work in both worlds! I've said it before but it needs repeating. There is so much overlap in craft, thought and technique that it only make simple stupid sense that woodworking and blacksmithing should play together.

Shhh... Shhhh... if you're quiet you can almost hear Tom Hanks fake an Alabama accent and mumble something about peanut butter and jelly.

The coolest part yet... this years class will be held at the Vesterheim Folk Art School in Decorah IA. When I started thinking about teaching the Vesterheim was on my list of Dream Places to work and hopefully this will be the start of a good long relationship.

The dates will be April 18th - 22nd  2020. The class isn't listed yet on their site but it should be soon. Drop them an email if you're interested and get your foot in the door. I believe (I could be wrong) there is only space for 8 students. Combined craft classes like this one are rare opportunities to expand your horizons. Even if you're not interested in adding a forge or hand cutting dovetails the exposure only expands your understanding of craft, design, and hand-work-ability and that's only a good thing. See you there.

Ratione et Passionis


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