A Break From the Bench

Ok I am almost done talking about the bench but I did get to spend some time in the shop today and I feel the need to display what I accomplished

first I got a hold of some 1/2" plywood and built some jigs to attach my band saw and chop saw to. Now when I want to use these pieces I can walk them over to the workbench and clamp them into the leg vice

The biggest kick I get out of the things was my decisions on how I'm gonna store them. The band saw fits fine in the space behind my angle grinder. I'll have to move it if I want to do longer pieces on the router table but oh well.

But the chop saw took a little more thought, but inspiration struck as I was looking at the walls of my basement shop. Around the top perimeter still sticks out the bolts that were used to tie the concrete forms together. They have been broken off over the rest of the wall. like they should be. Well why not use some of them to hang some stuff. a couple measurements and a couple of drill holes and the chop saw is now defying gravity...

The really cool thing though is my new shop sign. about a year ago I went out and found an old antique saw blade, complete with handles, my intention was to turn this into a vanity sign for the workshop. Well I finally got "round to it" Penciled in the lettering two days ago and painted it on tonight. It could use a clear coat of polyurethane, but some of the paint needs to cure first.

Anyhow it has been a good day, and now I say good night to you all



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