Finishing the antique buffet repairs

well I thought I should finish up what I started here by setting out the pics of the finish of the repair, I know it has been a while, the family is finally starting to get settled, next post I do will show the new shop and what I've done there but first to finish the repair of the buffet,

After I stripped the whole thing down to it's bones I started by replacing the floor of the interior cabinet, the original piece was held up in the back by a small scrap of wood, I placed something more substantial that would support the floor all the way across, I also added a support cleat in the middle. Placing this cleat was difficult until an idea dawned on me...I needed to do one of my top five favorite things to do. Go shopping for a new woodworking gadget!!!! I went and got a Kreg pocket hole jr. jig, worked like a dream, and since then I have come to love the little thing, infact I'm not really sure how I got along without this thing for so long. It's like moving from dowels to biscuits... love it!

Anyhow, cleat in placeand shelf set it was time to glue and clamp the pieces back together. This actually fell together pretty easy and left me with just regluing some of the veneer and adding supports around the bottom drawer area, withthe mirror back in place I supported it with some small ripped scraps of pine and covered the back with the rest of the 1/4 in luane plywood that I bought for the floor of the cabinet.

I was relieved when the piece came back together, I have to admit I was scared of turning the thing into a pile of kindling, but the piece is once again sturdy and functional, can't ask for much more than that I guess.


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