The Wood Shop Jr.

Well as explained before, my family and I have again moved back to Wisconsin, It's good to be home, I don't believe we ever should have left, but what do I know. anyhow

We now reside in a small 2 bedroom upstairs of a duplex. Not a whole lot of room to move around at all, and no space for a real shop, The only saving grace for my sanity...I mean my hobby (could be insanity just as easy I guess) is a small almost 5 by almost 9 space at the bottom landing. It is here I have settled the shop for the time being.

I have wanted to do more hand tool work anyhow, I's my opportunity... I have to say as far as efficiency goes everything is at reach, but as a matter of poor pity me, I miss my table saw and I really miss my workbench. The other than hand held power tools the only thing I made space for is my bench top band saw. Relegated to the floor when not in use.

I am proud of the construct I made for the woodworking vice, a 2x4 scrap and there you go. I secure it to the cabinet top with 4 screws when I need it and back the screws off to reposition or remove it completely. What I wanna work on now is a bench dog system with some wedged stops and maybe a Wonderpup (Veritas)

Anyhow here are some pic of the new shop we'll see what I can wrangle out of here.



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