A Little Something New.

Just a quick note this evening to make people aware of a little something I've added to the blog. Over the last year I've had around a half a dozen requests from folks to create some type of way to send them updates on my blog when they happen. Either their blog reader's are already over stuffed (guilty myself), or they try to come back and visit to see what's different and forget to do so for a period of time, or they just aren't computer savvy enough to set something up on their own.

I understand all these issues, so today I set about making a change to the blog that will help those folks and maybe offer some additional content to regular readers. I've decided to supplement with a monthly newsletter. If you're interested in getting a copy of the newsletter there is a new little black box in the margin of the blog, You click on subscribe and follow the instructions.

It may require you to set up a Google account to get started, but when I tested it I realized that after you sign up the black box area displays an option to change which email address your newsletter will go to. This means you can set it then to whatever address you desire.

I have what I think are some great ideas for this newsletter as time progresses, I think we can have fun with this, but I do want to assure you that I will not sell, rent, borrow, or give away any of your information. Those activities are reserved for the lowest forms of pond scum and even on my worst day I couldn't do that. Any information you receive through this newsletter will be coming directly from me, just like every word you read on this blog.

At any rate I urge you all to take advantage of this new venue and subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you catch all the news from Inside the Oldwolf Workshop. Thank You




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