SOLD: Auburn Tool Co. Plow Plane & Three Blades

Sorry this plane has been SOLD, 

FOR SALE: Auburn Tool Co. Plow Plane and Three Plane Blades PRICE REDUCED

This is a clean wooden plow plane from the Auburn Tool Co. from Auburn NY. I am interested in changing to the Veritas plow plane so this one is on it's way out. I purchased it at an antique store late last year for $120.00 with one 1/4" plane blade and I have since picked up a couple other blades that fit, another 1/4" and a 1/2" wide.

This plane has dings in the body from it's life span but both screw arms are straight and the setting knobs are functional and reliable. The depth gauge is functional and reliable as well. I am suspicious the plane wedge is a replacement piece, maybe from a different plane because it fits very tight, but this can be remedied if you care to. It is a good user grade plane.

Again it comes with two 1/4" blades and one 1/2" blade, only one of the 1/4" blades (the one that came with the plane) has been sharpened and used by me, they will all require sharpening/honing.

I am selling this plane for SOLD  $120.00 USD  $80.00 USD plus shipping costs. It will go to the first person to send an email to and tell me you want it. (be sure to mention the plane in your email)

Why am I selling this plane, you can read why in my post HERE. Thanks for looking.

Ratione et Passionis


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