SOLD: Miller Falls No. 90B Smoothing Plane

Thanks for looking, Sorry, this plane has been sold.

FOR SALE: One Miller Falls No. 90B Smoothing Plane.

This one has been cleaned and scrubbed free of the rust coat it had when I picked it up, I used it for a while until a Stanley No. 4 came into my life. It has been a while since I've used it so the blade will need to be sharpened / honed.

Apologies are some pitting from the rust and I find the lever cap release to be stiff. There are other dings from it's lifetime but nothing that I found affected the way it worked. This plane is a fine, user grade plane. I paid 45.00 for this plane when I found it in the wild.

I am selling this plane is $45.00 USD plus shipping costs with optional insurance. It will go to the first person to send an email to and tell me you want it. (be sure to mention the plane in your email)

Why am I selling this plane, you can read why in my post HERE. Thanks for looking.

Ratione et Passionis


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