Neck Deep

When I started to envision a book on medieval furniture, I didn't want to write something stuffy and scholarly. As I began to walk the path I realized a simple truth. I needed backup. I needed to have some sources, some research that dug deeper than the surface I was skimming.

Long story short. . . I started down a path I thought I knew well, but all to soon I realized there were deep places where I had not tread before. For those places I needed a flashlight.

That flashlight is research. Climbing on the shoulders of those who had gone before and hopefully seeing further.

Today I spent several hours hunkered down in the Kohler Art Library and it's vast archive of knowledge. It was incredible. I found sources for things I already knew. I found answers to questions I was asking myself. I mined enough raw ore to melt down and polish up into a book.

Now I have to continue to find out if I'm worthy of the task.

I'm not worried about building the furniture or documenting the process. I'm worried about writing a book others will find worth reading.

Ratione et Passionis


  1. If it is written half as well as your blog, it'll be ok. Might not make the New York Times best seller list but it'll have a spot on one of my bookshelves.

  2. Looking forward to picking up a copy. I started researching Medieval furniture back in the late 80's, but my resources were a bit limited. My best acquisition was a work done by an old SCA laurel on the subject. It was a compendium of sketches made from old manuscripts, which I still refer back to from time to time. Now all I need is an outlet for the work.

    Good luck on your book, I enjoy following your projects on the blog so the book will be a treat


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