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A little over five years ago Chris Schwarz started (another) revolution. He built a chest and published an article based on a photo in Jim Tolpin's "The Toolbox Book."  I don't know the whole story, I've never gotten around to asking him (yet) but the form dubbed the "Dutch Tool Chest" caught on. I swear I observe an Instagram build nearly every other week.

I built my own version myself and use it for traveling for demonstrations and (I'm beginning) to teach some woodworking classes.

It's a form much older than five years. The inspiration in Tolpin's book says that chest is from the 1800's. It could go back further than that. I've seen many slant lid tool boxes at antique stores and nearly all are labeled "Blacksmith Tool Chest." Which makes me wonder the source of that specific information.

This image from a 15th century record of guild masters from 15th century germany shows what could be considered a slant lid chest for …

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