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Inside A Dutch Tool Chest

This past spring Tom Latanรจ and I teamed up for a joined craft class mixing blacksmithing and woodworking. Students forged hinges and a static hasp, hoop, and escutcheon with Tom and I walked them through the woodworking portion. It was fantastic, a great learning experience for me and I’m pretty sure, for all the students.

We are repeating the experiment with a different piece this coming spring in Decorah IA at the Vesterheim Museum’s Folk Art School! More info on the way as we nail down dates.

Above is the demo Chest Tom and I worked together on and after some debate I’ve decoded to keep it for myself. (There is another similar chest in the pipeline that will be for sale)  that means I can start to kit out this inside to hold enough tools for me to bring for demonstrations and (if I ever get the chance) for classes I want to take.

Filling the inside of a tool chest is an incredibly personal endeavor. Everyone has slightly different tools and different priorities for those tools. Ju…

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