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Inside A Dutch Tool Chest: Plane Storage

Continuing this quick series on kitting out the inside of my new Dutch Tool Chest. I understand that everyone tackles the problem differently and everyone's tools and needs are different, but I still felt exploring the intent and thought process behind my decisions might have some worth. All the posts related to this (and anything DTC related) are collected under THIS LINK HERE if you are inclinced to catch up or go back. 

There is a Holy Trinity of hand tool woodworking. Saws, Planes and Chisels. Yes you can make arguments for variations on these themes and your precious favorite thing, but everything outside these three broad categories falls into sainthood and other levels of canonization. The Holy trinity are my most important items to locate and secure and everything else can be filled in around them.

With the saws sorted the planes are the next item. They are the heaviest of the three and take up the largest footprint in the chest but there isn't a need for anything fa…

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