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Introducing "The Memory Remains"

Mavrik is a aged wizard from a fantasy world. He has fought wars, won riches, negotiated with dragons and bedded queens. He retired to his tower to rest and read and nap whenever he damn well pleased. The only thing still haunting him was a vision of his death gifted by an oracle. A blue skinned, man shaped Golem created to carry out one task . . .his destruction.

He's seen it. Today is the day the horror arrives. But things aren't as easy as they were all those years ago. His emotions get away from him, he can't find the things he should and he keeps getting lost in memories of the past. All the while the Golem marches relentlessly towards the confrontation.

Who has sent the Golem and why now? Will his defenses hold or must Mavrik confront this foretold fate himself? Is the prophecy unavoidable or is the thread of our lives a length of our own twisting?

The answers may be shocking!

This is the project I'm currently neck deep into, a single issue comic book. (no...not…

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