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Just What Do You Get Out Of It?

I've fought it for a long time but today I lost the battle. I bought a record player and coughed up the cash to buy "Unplugged in New York," and "Wish You Were Here," for at least the 3rd time each. (Cassette, CD, and now Vinyl) Not finding any Pearl Jam saved me from selling my spare kidney.

I fought buying back into vinyl it because I know I'm a completist. I have a huge library on CD and I'm worried dipping my toe the sea of black disks would bring me ruin as I try to re-purchase everything I already own. There have been many times in my life I've had to limit myself before something got too out of control and vinyl felt that way but today I convinced myself of a thing that opened the door.

I am a sucker for making something "feel" special, for making an everyday thing feel like an "occasion" I quit smoking nearly a decade ago but I actually quit smoking cigarettes closer to 15 years ago. I switched to a tobacco pipe and the …

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