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New Goals, New Normals, Same Steps Forward.

A little over a decade ago I started clicking keys on this blog for one real reason. I wanted to get more comfortable with writing. My deepening interest in woodworking gave me something to write about and I was certain, in my own egocentrism, I was inventing the blog on woodworking. Finding people who were both better woodworkers and better writers than me spurred the competitive gene I carry and I was, for a while, obsessed with capturing this craft in the most perfect words possible. 
Like anything, I mostly failed forward and I've had some successes and setbacks. Nothing to give up on, I still feel like I have at least one, maybe two, good woodworking based books inside my head that have a fighting chance, but those things take time and sometimes a step back to let the initial carbonation bubble excitement settle down leads to something more mature and nuanced. 
Sometimes it's just procrastination. 

 This picture is my new(ish) normal every morning the hospital doesn'…

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