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Installing A Blacksmith Made Plane Stop

I am not usually interested at throwing darts at any product offered on the woodworking market, but I have a few sore spots, things I've come to believe in deeply, that require some criticism from me.

I have three workbenches in my shop. A taller height bench for joinery and carving. a six foot long Nicholson style bench for secondary work and mostly to travel to demos, and a huge twelve foot long slab style bench built from barn beams a cross between a Roubo and a Holtzapffel.

The thing all three benches have together in common is NONE have a vise installed. That's correct zero permanently installed vises.

I do have a Moxon Vise I use for most of my dovetailing and frame-saw resawing.I do have a notch cut in the end of my bench and a wedge to hold boards like a vise. This trick is taken from Chris Schwarz's book "Ingenious Mechanics"

I do all my workholding with holdfasts, doe's feet, and a hook device that replace the crochet that I call l'entrejambe dr…

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