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Shut Up And Sharpen This!

A quiet Wednesday morning at home with just the dogs and I stirring about the house. My usual chair in the living room, fresh coffee in the cup and my iPad in my lap reading another section of the eye opening digital copy of David Savage's new book "The Intelligent Hand," (I cannot wait until I have the printed version in my hands) The book has changed the paradigm of woodworking books for me in the same way The Anarchist Tool Chest did. As a man who has spent a long time feeling like I'm holding pressure on a "bleeding neck" there is writing and themes and hope that affect me very deeply.

All in all this is a nearly perfect morning . . . until I come to the inevitable section. Sharpening. I have always disliked reading what others have to say about sharpening because it's all belly buttons and assholes and almost none of it matters. Oh, my sharpening routine matters to me, but I don't care how you go about it or what results you get. Every woodwor…

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