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This one makes five hundred posts published. A decent and reasonable accomplishment. With almost ten years of keyboard tapping that sets me right around a post a week. A far cry from what I put up these days and a testament to my enthusiasm towards the beginning when everything I had to write and say seemed new.

Thank you for hanging out with me through ups and downs.


Six years ago (5 years 11 months) I wrote a blog post after finishing my Anarchist Tool Chest. I listed my project plans for the future. I called it the Bucket List. (You can find it HERE) I never finished the spice chest I had started with that post. The design got all jammed up on that one, and unsurprisingly the list is overwhelmed with 17th century furniture. I was so lost in that sea of dreaming I could hardly see the shore.

A few years ago, in the first chapter of Chris Schwarz's "Anarchist Design Book" he argued about why an average guy shouldn't want to build the furnishings that belonged to…

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