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Changing Gears

I have a white board in my shop that lists the projects I have in front of me. This spring it was nearly full. I had thrown my everything into prep for the Dutch Tool Chest Class combined craft class Tom Latane and I taught at Tunnel Mill Craft School the first weekend in May, (if you missed it that's a crying shame because it was an incredible time, stay tuned for a repeat performance) I had one more job in my way before I threw myself back into the shop full time to prep for an article query and a lecture on "Reconstructing the Shields of the Bayeux Tapestry"

I had been babying a leaking power steering pump in my Honda Pilot for the end of the winter, waiting for warmer weather, but then the starter went out and it was time to spend a day getting greasy replacing those parts. The starter was the more complex job, I started there and things went fine. The power steering pump is relatively easy, on top and accessible, so that repair went very slick.

I was threading on t…

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