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Simply Impressed

If Gavin Rondeau of Three Acorns Crafts ever decides to leave helping humanity behind and selfishly pursue woodworking and tool making full time watch out world.

I met him a few summers ago at a Mike Siemsen Baby Anarchist Tool Chest class I helped out with. We traded some healthcare warrior stories and I was struck by his spirit, enthusiasm and energy. When we spoke about spoon carving he showed me the knives he had made himself I was impressed. Smithing is one of the skills I lust after so I know just enough to realize how tricky blade-smithing can be.

A little less than a year ago I saw on Gavin's Instagram feed a trio of knives he finished for a friend. They were a riff on a a sailor's rigging knife, a style that has always reminded me of my beloved Viking Seax, I emailed him and asked if he wanted to make another, how much?

He wasn't asking enough and I couldn't sleep well if I took advantage of that.

Instead I offered a Maker-Trade and he seemed to accept the te…

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