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When The Muses Strike Hard

I believe in the line the the Muses will help you in your endeavors, but it is best if they find you already working. Inspiration comes at the sharpened point of effort.

I don’t have a mountain of experience to talk, but so far I’ve found it easier, even beneficial, to work on two chairs at the same time. I end the run with a matching (sort of) set and I’m able fix my technique between moves and spread my amateurishness out between the two. Each has surprises or mistakes that I will further refine on the next chairs but neither has ALL the mistakes nor ALL the refinements.

I’ve been working on a pair of versions based on the Bodleian Chair. The legs I turned felt too weak against wracking and twisting so I decided to add an undercarriage. The imediate idea was to pull off something like this

A fan radiating from the front to the back repeating the fan style of the rungs for the chair back. In further iterations I will probably make this fan more pronounced but it does work here. R…

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