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Bringing It Into Focus

I sat down this morning to force myself to bang out a blog post, I guess I did, but not the one I started with.

Nearly every blog I've ever read, with a few exceptions, eventually comes to a similar post. After a year or more of inactivity, the author writes a big post covering the changes in life that lead to the absence and makes promises for renewed output, reinvigorated content, and regular submissions because "new big stuf is happening."

Maybe there will be one more post about the next great project. Then there will be another lag of time. Then if us loyal readers are lucky there is a post admitting defeat and calling things to an end. I hate this circling of the toilet bowl process. I've hated watching it here.

For a while I've struggled with what I intend to do here.

I've looked at it from several angles.

The original intent was two fold. As a near daily journal of my work in the shop and as an exercise in improving my ability to write.

As things pick…

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