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ABK: Always Be Knolling

Knolling: The art of organizing similar items into the same space and arranging them in neat rows and lines. A well known and understood process in the Lego building circles I find it amusing that it was born in a woodworking shop (at least the name was)

Here read this article from MAKE Magazine "Zen and the Art of Knolling" Then come back. :)

I'll wait.

As I've explained sometimes in the past. I make my living setting up and organizing surgical instrumentation so it can be handed quickly and promptly to a surgeon. Imagine the scenario where the surgeon is asking for the aortic clamp RFN and the poor schmuck in my shoes has misplaced it. Bad news for everyone.

I've done the job for 20 years, I'm reasonably proficient at it, and I've always done fairly well in my shop too. It has on occasion gotten out of hand, but no one's life was in danger, just my sanity. About a year ago I started the process of reclaiming the shop from entropy by adding some cabi…

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