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Slant Lid Tool Chest Class


A class marrying both the skills of traditional blacksmithing and traditional hand tool woodworking with the goal of making a highly attractive slant lid chest with a drop front.


The Blacksmithing portion of the class will be taught by Thomas Latane. ( ) A man whose creative pedigree is longer than almost any other maker I can think of. The man's work is in museums and high end collections around the country.

If you can judge a maker by his shop, two seconds around the forge he built for himself will tell you everything you need to know. I'm inspired every time I step my privileged foot inside.

The woodworking portion of the course will be taught by me. Derek Olson. While I don't carry the long pedigree of Tom I have worked hard over the last decade plus to understand and hone my abilities working wood using hand tools. This Blog is a testament to that process. In the past I taught adults to work in healthcare settings a…

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