Urn Build Design Video Diary: Day Zero

 There is no point in fighting your nature. I cannot allow a loved one to purchase one of the horrible production urns available from the Funeral Home. Even if they have a nice burl grained wood, they are coated in a half mile thick plastering of polyurethane that destroys the tactile feel of the thing. 

This will be the 4th urn I've made. I've done one for my Father in Law when he passed and made a matching one for my Mother in Law - that is still only 60% finished. I also made a carved one for a co-worker I like who lost her child. They take a lot out of me emotionally and creatively but I have no other choice but to follow my nature and build another. 

I found a good article today, I should say it found me because "fuck the algorithm" anyway. It was a good read on grief with a message I've always kind of understood but didn't ever have to articulate. Working in healthcare there is a hyper-focus on the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Everything and, while it's a neat little algorithm of it's own - it's always felt too neat and institutional for me to buy in all the way.  I will say the TED talk by Nora McInerny linked in the article is quite good to. Made me both giggle and cry. 

The article is here - https://mariandrew.bulletin.com/grief-baby/

I know I process via writing, and this blog is the closest thing I have to a journal since my high school days and the piles of spiral bound college ruled books filled with pretentious poetry and lyrics. I imagine things are going to bubble out here for a while - so I imagine that would be fair warning.




  1. My condolence for the passing of your father. Whatever the age, it is always too early and the impact is greater where it is unexpected.

    I understand you have other things on your mind, but may I suggest to change the title of this post to "day one".
    There is an instant zero at midnight between "day -1" and "day +1" but there is no such a thing as a day zero. A day is a time quantity while zero is a graduation with no substance. It is the same on a rule with a zero in the middle, on one side one has the -1 inch length and on the other side one has the +1 inch length.
    Best regards


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