We're Friends and I Have an E-mail to Prove It.

This is just a quick note to pass along a cool thing that happened to me this morning. Social media of all sorts is a very interesting phenomena. Especially a monster like Facebook. I was just talking to someone the other day and saying that things are kind of odd these days because I used to live a couple of separate lives, at least two of them. There was my work, and then there was my home. And though one supported the other, those two things never really crossed paths all that often. I never subversively hid anything about my home life from my coworkers, and if they asked what I had going on the coming weekend I told them what was up. I guess I just never felt the need to put myself all out there. Social media always seems to ballance the line between bragging and whining. I try to walk the tightrope as best as anybody, but I know I slip from time to time.

Then a little over a year ago I decided to but the bullet and join Facebook, mostly to stay connected with family, and to try and reconnect with some old friends I'd lost touch with along the way. The first time I had a coworker find me and request my friendship I really had to think about it. In fact I spent a couple days mulling it over before actually deciding to accept the friendship. Now I live a fully integrated life, I am Facebook friends with many people I work with and I still have to think about it sometimes when someone starts a conversation using something they read about me as a friend.

This morning however Facebook took a turn for me into the Twilight Zone, as I received this in my e-mail in-box

Only in a world blessed with Facebook would I get an e-mail where Saint Roy has confirmed our "friendship" Maybe he'll let me stay in his spare bedroom if I'm ever down his way, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he invites me as a guest on his show.

I'm positive if anything even remotely reaching a real conversation happened between me and Mr. Underhill, not only would I be a stammering idiot, but I would probably have to clean out my drawers.

I love seeing Roy, I love reading his books, watching him work on his TV show. I love how when I was budding as a woodworker and obsessed with the Normite way of life, how I would get to watch his show follow after and find there was a different way of doing things and that way was totally an accessible thing. I credit Roy with the early exposure that made it feel OK when I decided to start exploring an unplugged workshop and for continuing to be a source of both education and inspiration.

I'm not sure there's enough of any substance in this world that could delude me enough to consider this e-mail to be anything more than what it is. A Facebook thing. But setting all that aside for just a second, it is still a pretty cool thing to receive on a snowy Saturday morning.

Thank You Roy! Cheers!



  1. It is a pretty cool thing. There is not that many people that take the time to put out quality hand tool info. Most do not take the time to stop and document what they do and make attainable projects. Stop and look back at your blog with an unbiased eye and you will see more content than most.

  2. I too feel honoured when a hero of mine accepts me as a friend on FaceBook or follows on Twitter... social networking such a buzz


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