A Weekend In Photos

Just a quick note and a series of pictures from this past weekend.

As some of you have heard me talk about, my other big hobby is Viking Age Reenactment, I amd a Member of a group called Tribe Woden Thor. (click on the name and check out our page!) There was a local festival celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day in Westby Wisconsin this week. Most of us live near by and with the links to Norse heritage we have set up a living history display there for the past few years.

For a long time I have been wanting to do some type of medieval woodworking demo at these type of events and this past weekend I finally pulled one together. If you look at medieval furniture carvings, those that did survive this long, you can see a lot of similarities between them and those carvings found in the 17th century, like the ones done by one of my heroes, Peter Follansbee. So that's what I decided to work with, I would set up my travel joiner's bench and begin work on carving the pieces of a bible box. I spent the weekend working and finished the front panel, there's a lot of carving left to go, but I don't think I went to slow considering how much I stopped to visit with people and how new I am to this skill set.

Anyhow I guess that would wrap up a quick note for me...it's all picture from here. Enjoy.

My set up just before I get started.
The rest of the tools I brought, no the pliers themselves are not old, Viking style, but I needed them to put together the workbench.
My set up from the other direction, the "public's" Point of View.
Some more of our set up, we tried to stay modest so only a small part of our medieval weapons collection made it to the table. Most of these pieces are hand forged by a blacksmith friend of the Tribe.
A bit of "everyday life" items with reproduction coins, the board game hnefatafl, An ancestor of chess, it takes five minutes to learn to play and a whole lot longer to master.

Some of the armor set up, We had several stands sporting various armor as well.
Hard at work starting the carving.
"V" chisel sweep to the left.
The arches are finished.
While I worked, and spent time visiting with the public, so did my good friend Patrick, AKA Einar the Scar,. He weaves chain maile armor and he is supposed to be working on a new shirt for me...(just a reminder Pat) 
As with any festival, there is a parade and the Tribe usually marches to give the crowd some loud medieval entertainment. We had a smaller crew show up this year, to many people stuck at work, but we made the best of it, had a lot of fun, and judging by the crowds reactions, they enjoyed it too. 
That's me on the right hand side. Kind of a mush up of different periods of armor, but I was looking to  show off a little this weekend I guess. Most floks who aren't serious reenactors wouldn't notice.
Back at the tent and I've finished carving the front panel. Included is a blow up of the picture I used to carve this from. It is based on the carved box Peter Follansbee wrote about in Woodwork Magazine.
Come to think of it, here's a link to where you can download the article in .pdf I highly recommend you do. CLICK HERE.

Hope everyone out there had just as much fun this weekend as I did.


  1. Derek,
    Looks like a great festival. Sorry I missed it.

    Also (and more importantly) nice carving! That's going to be a beautiful box.

  2. Thanks Dyami, I'm pretty happy with how the carving turned out, now the pressure is on to not screw up the rest of the parts. :)


  3. Looking good. I'm going to be working on that carving pattern pretty soon for a box. I've gotten distracted with some S Scroll carving, but that one is on my list. My wife loves the Fleur de Lys designs, and she'll be getting a box with that design.



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