Some More Finishing

A while back I wrote on here about an antique dresser my wife and I own that was in pretty rough shape. I took the nearly the whole thing apart and put it all back together again. Then the cold weather set in and though I had the stain applied, it got too cold and I didn't get the finish applied.

I lack a lot of room in my shop so the dresser followed me home and it sat in it's place in out bedroom waiting for me to have a chance to apply the shellac and wax finish. Well with having to move from our apartment meant I had a chance to move the dresser back to the shop and five a finish to what I started.

If you want to see the train wreck that this dresser started as you can check out all the collected posts by clicking HERE. (Note: The collected posts include this post as well, you will have to scroll down past this one to see into the past of this dresser, thanks.)

Today I was able to call this one done. That's two projects that have been hanging around taken out in less than a week.

Now if I only could get my attempt at building a tall case clock back from the lady who is supposed to rosemal it.

Ratione et Passionis


  1. Your "before" link above links to this entry. It is not hard to find, but just letting you know. Feel free to delete this.

    1. Thanks my friend, I added a line above to explain what was going on. I'm just not a good enough webmaster to figure a way around that issue when it comes to blogs. Hopefully the new explanation will help. :)

  2. Great job on the restoration.
    Ah the joys of repairing furniture. As time progresses your reputation grows and the better half sees your talent as a gift to be shared. A battered pile of boards arrives at the shop with the question,"Do you think you can fix it? It was her mother's"
    Much the same as your experience, with wood, glue, stain, varnish, and lots of time the poor wreck comes back to life. A great feeling of accomplishment tinged with a bit of dread as to what will arrive next.

    Dave Nighswander
    aka Old Sneelock

    1. Oh brother, I have to admit I much more enjoy a build from scratch over a repair/refinish like this. I don't think I would be brave enough to take on the challenge you're describing.

      Thanks for reading


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