"Derek, you do woodworking stuff right?"

"Ya, I make some sawdust John. Why?"

"Well I was looking to have something made, and someone told me I should see you."

"Well that depends on what you're looking for man. What do you need?"

"I need three boards, that's all I need is three boards. Nine inches wide by sixty inches long."

"Um, ok. . . .What are you up to?"

"Well I have these three antique rifles, one is from the Revolutionary War, and they're just locked in my gun safe, but I thought if I had some nice boards to hang them on they'd look good on the walls of my Man Cave."

"Wow, sure I can do that. Do you have any specific wood in mind? Any designs or decoration to them?"

"Well I guess a darker wood is what I have in mind, and if you want to put a decorative edge on them that'd be good."

"Anything else?"

"Nope, whatever you think is best. I just need them nine by sixty."

"Ok John, give me a couple weeks."

"Wow Derek, those are beautiful. That's so much more than I expected."

"I put some good hangers on the back for you. They'll hold up to 100 pounds."

"They don't need to hold that much."

"I'd rather it was overkill than have your rifles fall to the floor."

"Ya, that's true. Wow Derek, That's so much more than I expected."

"I know you said you wanted to place the pegs to hang the guns on yourself. If you like them, I picked up these decorative pegs for you."

"That's too much. Thank you."

"No such thing as too much John. You're welcome."

"Hey, while I've got you here I've been thinking about putting a shelf over this desk . . . . . "

Ratione et Passionis


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