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A nagging shoulder injury has forced me to take some time from the shop. I've been working at the drafting table and nearing the close of my Workshop 2018 series. I'll be announcing plans and pricing for you to get your hands on some of that work soon. I'm excited about it and if you've been watching on Instagram you'll have seen quite a few spoilers.

For a while I've hunted a decent grown up logo for my work. Something that encompasses all, or most of what I do. I even considered hiring it out because I felt I was too close to the problem to be effective. For whatever reason, the arrangement fixed itself in my mind this morning, so I bypassed todays watercolor for some layout design and lettering. I am continually thankful of the well rounded art education I received when I was younger. It made me a reasonable technician in multiple media and styles.

With a new logo (finally!!) I can start something long overdue. Rebuilding and revamping the blog space here. The walnut log background was cool but feels dated now and the site always impresses me as dark . . . overly dark. The new logo stands out in super stark contrast. So there will be changes here and updates to most everything along with an attempt to bring all my work, (woodworking, teaching and demonstrating, historical reenactment, woodcut printmaking, illustration, replica prop making, and writing) under one tent pole.

The only thing I left out my family, (the most important thing to me) and my day job (the least important)

So here's your warning. No hard hats will be required but changes will be in progress. I am a clumsy coder, this could end up painful for all involved.

Does anyone want to trade a carved oak box for some website work?

Ratione et Passionis


  1. Shoulders and hand planing, ARGH! Every couple of years, I'd go through rotator cuff healing. The best preventative I have found is swimming an hour of breast stroke 3 times a week.

    The logo looks FABULOUS. Great idea framing a "seasoned" font with the tools. One thing though... and maybe it's my astigmatism, it looks canted slightly to the left. Yet, when I apply some cross-hairs, the type is perfectly horizontal. I think it is the edges of the saws providing the illusion. Maybe if the positions of saws ant paint brushes were exchanged?

    I was all ready to jump in with the website coding request ... until I looked and found it uses Blogger. My many years of web work center on WordPress, resulting is a very strong distaste for Blogger and the restrictions of working in that environment. Now, if it were WordPress...


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