Passion Project Progress

Mavrik the Sorcerer suffers from dementia, it’s easy for him to get caught up in the memories of glory past. But what about the horror relentlessly approaching his doorstep? Will he recover enough of himself to defend his life? And just who released the Horror and set it on a path to confront and destroy Mavrik. 

Page 10 of “The Memory Remains” is finished! That’s almost halfway completed and progress is good. That means this comic is half done. There are mistakes, will be mistakes even I don’t see for several years. The process reminds me of my first attempts to figure out hand tool woodworking. And that rapid success/failure ratio is invigorating. 

I know there are some who want to be masters RIGHT NOW! I’ve never wanted that, ever. This part of the process is just where I like to live. Celebrating the wins and detesting the losses, it hurts but it hurts so good! No need for a safe word here, I can take it.

Horis Bonum 


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