How I'd Do It: Tenons

This month's entry into How I'd Do It Friday is the tenon half of the mortise and tenon joint. You'll hear me talk about it in the video, and maybe you've heard me say it before but typically I like to cut my tenons first when I'm making this joint. So even though this is the second video posted in the series, it was the first one I shot.

If you want to see how I do Mortises you can see the How I Do It video HERE, or I found an old blog post I wrote about mortise and tenon joints HERE.

The initial idea of these How I Do It posts was to get a good collection of bloggers around to show how they individually create different joinery. Life and the holidays get in the way of things sometimes and I haven't seen anyone else doing these write ups. If you have, if you are, even f you want to come late to the party, drop me a line and I will add a link to your tenon content on this post.

I believe next month is Dado joints so look for that upcoming and if you want to join in, maybe that will be a good place to start. I like doing the videos for these because it's a change of pace from my typical content but don't feel pressured to do video yourself. a traditional post with words and pictures is great, even a radio style podcast is good. Go crazy and share your methods of work.

I hope you enjoyed the video, I had the most fun shooting the intro and exit videos with my oldest two daughters and one of their friends. I just can't help but laugh watching the whole out-take from their work, so because I can, and especially because I have friends and family who visit my blog too, I wanted to include a Holiday Bonus Video compiling the out-takes. Enjoy.

Ratione et Passonis


  1. Nice presentation. The slick is a good idea
    Ian Waltenbery


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