SOLD: Sargent VBM 414C Corrugated Jack Plane

Sorry, this tool has been sold.

FOR SALE: Sargent VBM 414C corrugated jack plane PRICE REDUCED

There are firsts you will remember always, your first love, your fist kiss, your first car, and for me anyway, your first jack plane. This was it, a Sargent VBM jack plane and it worked well for me until I gathered the guts to clean up and rehab my wife's grandfather's Stanley No.5. Since then this poor bugger has sat sad on the shelf and he needs to be put back to work. VBM stands for Very Best Material and was a stamp used on their tools from 1909 - 1918 (According to HERE)

There are some apologies here.

First there is a stamp under the frog that reads 409, this could mean the frog is harlequin, but as I was doing some research on this plane tonight and read that the 409 and the 414 frogs were the same size and the company would place use either size to finish up production runs. You can choose, in the end, the plane is a worker so it shouldn't matter.

Second is the shape of the handles. They came to me broken and wrapped in friction tape. I stripped the tape off the rear tote and glued and repaired it the best I could. The rear tote mismatched a little in the glue up and the top horn is broken and missing. However I have used this plane for hours of planing and never had it bother my hand one bit. The repair has been very solid.

The front knob must have been split in two at one point and repaired with glue and a friction tape wrap around the narrow bottom. I've never done anything to fix or change this knob, it's always worked fine for me.

It has been completely scrubbed free of grime, grit, and rust. There is some pitting and staining from it's obviously hard life but what else is to be expected from a hundred year old plane.

This plane is obviously not the prettiest girl in the bar, but she sure does know how to cook. There's life left in the blade and a little more tuning would make her run sweet. But because she's not a looker, I'm making it a bargain and selling it plane for THIS PLANE HAS BEEN SOLD. $30.00  $10.00 USD plus shipping costs. It will go to the first person to send an email to and tell me you want it, please mention the plane in your email.

Why am I selling some of my tools off? You can read why in my post HERE

Thanks for looking.

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