Turn Your Own Shaker Style Pegs

When I was younger I owned a Suzuki Samurai jeep and I loved that little puddle jumper. Because I was young and we were chronically broke, I changed my own oil in my car all the time. It was the cheaper way to do things and the upside was I saved money and got to know my car better. I built my confidence and was able to start doing additional maintenance and upkeep. Eventually when the head gasket blew and a big repair was needed, I had built a vocabulary of experience I was able to work from that helped me complete that repair with experienced friends helping.

As I was finishing up the tool rack build I needed some shaker style pegs. Instead of hopping in my truck and running to the BORG I chose to spend some time at the lathe and turn my own. I have always considered myself a middling turner but I am fairly happy with how things turned out. I spent quite a while this winter watching videos to improve my technique, especially with the skew chisel. 

Did you see the cameo by my oldest daughter/director/producer/video task-master? If you missed it try again.

Ratione et Passionis


  1. Did you smash your fingers tips somewhere that you didn't show us? Or did you start wearing green nail polish? Not that I'm judging or anything. Thanks for the video.


  2. Thanks for that, I enjoyed it. When I sand or burnish my turning I remove the tool rest so I don't risk a finger jam between it and the turning.

  3. Come on....we know those were your fingers!!!

    Trying to pass it off as your "daughters" cameo! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Nice job! Now go get the broom.



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