The Boarded Chest IV

I don't pretend to be extensively traveled or even all that educated. I do spend a lot of time buying and looking at books on woodworking and furniture. Once you begin to look you realize just how many there are out there. Many of the old ones are written by art historians and can be disappointing from a maker/woodworker perspective but I learn something from all of them.

In the shop I had a lid to solve for the boarded chest build and I chose a path a bit unconventional going with a frame and panel. I've seen frame and panel on joined chests and certainly on traditional tool chests, but I cannot recall seeing one tacked to a simple boarded chest. Still, their stability over a flat, cleated panel or even breadboard ends made it my go to choice and kind of fit the theme of a simple chest impersonating something more elegant.

I constructed the outer frame first then used a set of pinch sticks to establish the measurements for the inside panel.

Instead of making a raised panel I ran the rabbets along the front edges and then planed two simple beads into the long edges of the remaining field. Just like the door panel shown as figures T & S from "Doormaking and Window-Making" from Lost Art Press.

 I failed to get a good shot of the panel "in the white" Here is a close up of one of the final shots the chest panel after black paint and lacquer.

It also seems I failed to gather any photos of building the lift out till. It is a simple affair of rabbets and nails with a show face made from curly red oak. There will be more to show of that and the secret hiding place I added in the next, and final instalment on this build.

Ratione et Passionis


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