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Zen and the Art of Vicious Cycle Maintenance .

  I’m embarrassed to admit this is my shop when I walked in this afternoon. It’s bad. It’s really bad.    But worse - it’s not “I have a dozen projects I’m juggling” bad. It’s an “I haven’t really been invested in a project so the place has collected shit on and off for a few years” bad.  This isn’t even the shittiest pic I could have taken. I’ve saved you the craptastic piles directly stage right.   In the spring of 2018 I tore the distal biceps on my left arm. I found several other distractions in the 4 months of downtime and rehab. The arm was weaker but it was my off arm so I could deal.  Almost exactly 2 years later. Spring 2020 I tore my right arm distal biceps.    PT and rehab in the pandemic was much more complicated for many reasons. The arm is weak and still feels weak.  In the wake of these things - I just haven’t felt at home in the place I’ve always felt so very happy and at home. I’ve lost momentum, gained inertia, gotten in my own way…. Package the bullshit however you w

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