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Appreciation and Concern

      I've lumbered into the my basement studio, coffee in hand, to steal some time and do some proofreading on a project and maybe plan out an illustration. As I settled into the beaten wingback I do most of my writing from I found myself reflecting more on the day.      Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. Something spiritually intended for reflection on your blessings and dedicating time to spend around family and friends. Cynically it tends to revolve around capitalism, consumerism, and gluttony.      It is so very difficult to write a word these days and not sound "preachy." Maybe it's just my ears.      It's possible I'm hopelessly "preachy." but you know how to close a browser window if you want. Still, I will endeavor to embody my better self.      The standard tone I hear in the world right now is sadness and pity. Both valid in 2020, I'm not interested in taking the losses of this year away from anyone. I mourn them alongside of yo

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