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The Fortune of a Lucky Moment.

Noon… Vacation… No plans other than not going anywhere… First Gin & Tonic of the day... Jack White booming on the Bluetooth speaker… Shedding my velvet… Sunshine… Comfy pants… Just me and my wife…  Middle of nowhere USA (or a half hour away from there according to Steve Martin)… No neighbors, no responsibilities, just drink eat and write whatever we want. Play the music loud and hoist a middle finger or two towards anything we please… It feels like privilege...  It is a privilege... The fortune of a lucky moment seized... It’s been a long year already and I’m genuinely soul-weary. Working at piecing myself back together and wanting to untie the tangled knots of heavy chain that wrap between my ears and shoulder blades... Gremlins digging sharp fingernails into vulnerable territories… And yet to have a second to contemplate that is, in itself, a privilege... And I very much appreciate this moment. This day. This privilege... After all, what can you do but learn to appreciate the goo

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