On a roll

Well all in all a good week. I did not do any work in the shop or an the other saw blades yet tonight, still deciding if I'm going to or not, but today did have some excitement from a woodworking standpoint. This afternoon the wife and I took the kids to see the Princess and the Frog at a second run theater in LaCrosse. On the way home I drove past a neon sandwich-board sign saying "Flea Market" and pointing to an old factory that has seen several varying stages of urban rejuvenation. Of course I was going looking for tools, and only one vendor really had any, but he had a bunch, all cleaned and sandblasted, ready to use. Thing of beauty really and I could have easily dropped fifty bucks no worries.

I found right away a nice saw set. Just the thing I needed to be able to start sharpening my own saws. After the vise and the rust removal, a set was the last absolutely necessary thing. But low and behold right next to it was a saw jointer for running a file square over the teeth and evening out the cut. Jointing is needed every time but a manufactured jointer is not required as a block of wood can hold the file square as well. But for only 3$ I couldn't turn it away.

One last thing I couldn't say no to was a nice spokeshave with a wooden body and a brass plate for the wood to ride on. So the reality is that I spent more this paycheck on tools than I have in a long time, all told a bit over thirty dollars. and that's quite a bit for us at this point in time, but never have I had such opportunities come all together like this. I mean a complete set up to sharpen handsaws for 30 bucks. Man, I feel pretty lucky over all. Time to stop looking and start working I guess

If I get some more rust off the saws tonight I'll probably update you, if not I'll post when something does happen

Goodnight all


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