Final Pictures: Plane Storage Shelf

Just a quick punctuation on the story of the Plane Storage Shelf. If you haven't caught all of the build or you want to do some catching up, all the related articles are collected together HERE

I finished the piece with a coat of finish I end up calling Maloof Finish, because I read about it in an article he wrote. It's one part boiled linseed oil, one part wipe on polyurethane, and one part tung oil. I like the mixture, it's easy to apply and leaves a smooth feeling touch.
 What I would like to be able to do with the finish mixture is add some color with some dye. I just haven't taken the opportunity to try it yet.
 It was a simple project to build but sometimes the simple can be easy to screw up. I believe I did a pretty good job with this one though, The proportions are good, the spacing of the shelves works well...
 ... and I really like the detail of the cut out along the top. In fact the only thing I dislike is also shown in the picture above. The missing space in the far back dovetail where I had a lapse of attention and switched around where I should have cut the stopped rabbets for the back and where it was alright to cut them all the way across. I know a little glue and a small patch of end-grain would fix the error to anyone's eyes but me, but this is a project for the shop and no one will ever see it but me and there it does serve a purpose. It reminds me not to make the mistake again.
 The best part is here, hanging on the wall next to the saw till it was meant to accompany. If I had enough room on my shop walls I would be sorely tempted to build another shelf to bookend on the other side of the till as well, Maybe that one would be a series of drawers instead of open shelves. It seems to me that would make a very complete shop storage arrangement. Too bad there's no real space left at this shop, it will have to wait for the next shop incarnation, and who knows when that will be. No time soon I hope.
Here is the shelf filled up just after it was hung, I was very happy to find that there was quite a bit of room left after I got all my planes up. I had a couple other things to throw up there.
Things evolve and so has what I've put on the shelf. After having the shelf up for a couple of weeks this is pretty much how things look today. It seemed like a good place to hang my larger "Schwarz Anarchy Square." The hard work was just beginning though because hanging the shelf lead to completely rearranging the whole shop, but more on that later.



  1. great work Derek, it looks fantastic

  2. Looks great. The open shelves are a really practical way to get things put up but still have them accessible. At times, it would be nice to have doors to close it off but it really complicates the structure if you are going to put tools on the doors as well and it takes up so much space to leave a place clear for them to open.

  3. Very nice job. I've got that missing bit on some of my dovetailed projects too, for the same reason (the rebate along the back that wasn't a stopped rebate). It's all very well for router users to just create a stopped rebate, but if you're doing it with hand tools, a stopped rebate is really hard work, unless it's a very short workpiece. I think that I'm going to keep doing through rebates, and gluing a piece of end grain in, because it's a lot faster.

  4. Very nice project, has been fun to follow and nice to see it complete. Great lineup of planes you have assembled also!


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