Words Aren't Enough

It's difficult to come up with something to say that makes a post about flattening boards and joining panels together interesting. So tonight I thought I would just run with more pictures and less words as I show the start of my build of a traditional tool chest.

Edge Joining:

Flattening and truing a face:

Traversing with a jack plane can simplify your laundry by removing crayon from your whites and unmentionables as well as your standard poplar lumber.

Gluing up a panel:

I know the purists out there will dislike seeing the biscuits, they say they are unnecessary, and I could agree, but the fact is I have a biscuit joiner and a jar of the wafers laying around the shop so I figured it at least best to use them up. A little belt and suspenders maybe, but there should never be harm in that.  

I also used good old standard wood glue for the panels instead of my preferred liquid hide glue, I was worried I wouldn't have enough hide glue for the dovetails in the carcass and also, you use hide so it is reversible and therefore repairable, I can't think of any reason to disassemble a panel in the future. 

A side and an end, and all my long clamps.
I then re-flattened the panels, joined the edges and trued the ends.

Tah-Dah, Four sides ready to go. 
Ratione et Passionis


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