I went to Handworks 2015 for a great reason. The H.O. Studley Tool Cabinet and Workbench. But today I wasn't scheduled to stand in as a decent docent, so I drove a bit down the road to Handworks itself.

I had only two purchases on my mind. First I was going to look at Lee Valley for a pair of their register calipers that look close to the pair in the Studley Cabinet, but I didn't see any there. The other thing was to pick up four more holdfasts from Tools For Working Wood. Now I will have a pair for each bench, no more stealing from one to another.

Then I wandered down to the darkside. To Patrick Leach and his used tool menagerie. I reminded myself there's not many tools I'm on the lookout for and none of those that I can afford this weekend. (mainly we're talking hollows and rounds) I have a weakness for dividers, and as I wandered Patrick's booth I grabbed a nice bullseye pair and thought long and hard.

Then I found a bin of hammers.

I didn't want both, so I made a decision.

Despite having zero need, the hammer won out.

I have always loved this form, It needs some clean up of a chip in the narrow face and a little hot hide glue for the crack in the handle, but she's a nice intermediate size. Ah what the hell.

As far as my un-affordable moulding plane issue. . . I may have solved that too.

So. . . caught twice I guess.

Ratione et Passionis


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