God I Hate Trailer Homes

I know that hate is supposed to be strong language but what I stated in the title is pretty close to true. They are all made cheep and crappy. My in-laws live in a trailer home, a pretty nice one too, but one of the kitchen cabinets has been slowly pulling away from the wall under the weight of the dishes inside. So today I took the Oldwolf Workshop Show on the road, packed a small bag of tools, stopped and bought some s4s oak boards, (a 2x2 and a 1/2 x 4) and I built some quick supports to help distribute the weight of the cabinets into the counter top underneath. Doing this raised the cabinets back up to level, a big deal as the corner had dropped as much as an inch lower than square. I knew I had it right when all the doors leveled out again and looked right.

This was not fine carpentry by a long stretch, but it did fit the bill. It's been a while since I worked with oak... reminds me how hard the stuff it compared to the pine and poplar I work with most of the time.




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