A Horse is a Horse . . .

. . . Of course, of course,


Well the last few days have been a little of a drag. I spent a little time in the shop on Monday playing with the new carving chisels from Woodcraft. Man is there a huge difference between a tool that works and a POS that doesn't. Simple, straightforward, and easy to steer. Very nice.

I got the carving I wanted finished on two of the legs, I learned a quite a bit as far as handling the chisels, working with the grain of the wood and getting acceptable results. The first one took me a couple of hours even though the carving is pretty simple. The second one went much quicker.

Along with that I chopped out the mortises for the cross bar between the legs, and cut the cross bar and the tenons on that. I then cut out the relief for the tenon wedges, and, of course, made a few wedges.

I dry fit the horse together, and then figured what the hell, might as well put the whole thing together for real.
Some glue and a little sweat later and ladies and gentlemen we have a saw horse. Tomorrow I'll be able to cut off the extra tenon length I left on top flush, Fill in where a knot broke out while chopping a mortise with something, (no I still haven't decided, I guess I'm not even sure if I will at all) clean up the squeeze out and maybe throw a little danish oil finish on it.Then I'll get to work on the other one.

Oh I cannot forget that I need to cut the notch in one end to make it easier to start cuts on shorter boards or shorter cross cuts, and drill a couple holes so I can use some hold down clamps with it as well.

Sorry for the short and sweet one today, feelin a bit under the weather and not feeling to wordy or witty, There should be more soon, I may have a place to set up a full shop again. That will be something fun to work on and document, I have a couple commission pieces as well. One is a traditional build for the Medieval Group I am part of. The other is possibly getting to build a buffet or huntsboard  for my wife's sister. Neither real money makers, mostly I'll do them for cost, but they're good for the portfolio at any rate.So with that, Goodnight all.




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