Enough Talk . . . Progress Now!!

Well, I have made progress on the computer issue finally. I apologize for any whining about my circumstance, but it was highly frustrating. In the end I have only lost a good portion of the last month worth of work. That's something I can deal with.

The positive side of this situation is I was so angry with the computer that I spent even more time down in the shop, working out my frustrations somewhere where everything makes sense to me. So as of this evening I could consider myself 95% done with the joinery bench. everything is together and looks good, I just have some holdfast holes to drill and a moxon style wood vise to build and I am done. The holes will come tomorrow, and maybe the lathe will get set up at the new shop tomorrow so I can turn the screws for the vise (TO get a look at the version I'm working from that Chris Schwarz built, click HERE)

I will get the holes drilled, get some finish applied, and a few vanity pics to share soon, (depends on the weather) but until then. . .

I got the Hickory wrap dovetails all finished up and applied the wrap today. Here's the glue up with the clamps on the tails.
I then flipped the sucker over, Uffda is she a heavy one now with that hickory on her hips. and I flattened the top and the wrap to each other

This is the first time I've been able to use a trick I saw Rob Cosman use on the video where he cuts a through dovetail joint in three and a half minutes. After he's done with the joint he grabs a plane (looks like a 5 1/2) and shaves the joint smooth. My quick explanation here is that I have only been focused on really learning to use hand tools for the last year or so. I have always hand cut dovetail joints, but I haven't had a project call for them yet in this time, so the last time I cut dovetail joints I smoothed the joint with a belt sander. After using a #5 followed by a #4 to smooth it, I will never plug in the belt sander to clean up this joint again. I took a few before and after pics because I was so tickled with the difference.


                    MUCH BETTER!!

I rounded over all the edges of the hickory and went to work dressing up a few pieces by cutting a roman ogee silhouette into the apron and the cross piece that holds the distance between the legs. I like this little touch, it gives the bench a finished look.

I really think she looks nice, Like I said some hold fast holes for the front apron and for the top, some finish, a coin I've been saving to nail underneath the bench (pick your superstition for this one, but I like the tradition)  and things will be a go!!

I guess that should be all for tonight. Thanks for reading.




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