Updates on the Workshop 5.0

OK, here I am again today, not used to doing two posts in a day, but with some time on my hands this evening and a little pressure from a couple of reader emails, I'm back.

The e-mails were justified, basically they said the one photo I placed of the pegboard over the main bench in the new shop was "crap" and after taking another look, I couldn't agree more, I apologize, I only had my phone on me that evening, and though the pics from it are lower quality than my camera, they have turned out OK on the blog before. This time I think it had more to do with my timing and the available light combined with the phones limitations than anything else, but I don't pretend to be remotely good at the photography thing. I'm happy with passable.

Anyway Today I went over to Big River Lumber and picked up some nice rough cut white oak for an upcoming project, 21 board feet of white oak to be specific, ran me about 61 dollars. Working with a lumber company directly is such a revelation to me, in the past I have blown a kabillion dollars buying my hardwoods at the big retail stores. (A kabillion is defined as a higher number than I care to admit). I am so happy to find someone local who is willing to work with a smaller guy like me who buys wood project by project instead of in the hundreds of board feet.

I got it back to the shop and laid out on the bench with a couple stickers to help protect it, and even though it was a kabillion degrees out today (there's that not-a-number again) I decided hey I'm here, I might as well do something. So I hung another 2x4 section of pegboard and some little yellow nail bins. I got some hooks and tools up on the pegboard and by then I had sweat though everything I was wearing, plus I had a 10 year old helper who was literally dying of the heat and exertion wrought from complaining. I called it a day and we headed back home to air conditioned splendor.

Before we cut and ran though I did get some pics of the shop in progress. I'm warning you that this is a work in progress and some of it looks like hammered crap, but as requested here's some better pics of whats going on in the new shop.
That all looks not so bad, but that is just one side of the shop. If I turn the camera around 180 degrees or so then the horror movie begins.
My poor table saw still trapped under a tarp (and a case of water and the obligatory inverted router table) You can't even see the metal table behind the piles of stuff, I'm still deciding if I'm going to keep that thing, it takes up a lot of room. maybe moving it out would fix some of my set up problem.
Under the blue tarp and the saw/workshop sign, is the lathe and joiner. The roof leaks in places in this all metal shed, I just haven't had a chance to plug those leaks yet so until then, tarps are the way to go. So there's an update. I hope you enjoyed spending a few moments inside my disaster. I'll keep hammering at it and probably by the end of the weekend it will be pretty functional, and I'll keep you updated for sure.




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