The Test of Love.

In the midst of moving a workshop you would think that my blog posts would all be updates on progress or things built to assist in living life in my new space. I'm sorry if this disappoints but this article is not about equipment, or the workshop, or a project, or anything else but revealing a moment of questionable judgment.

You see, I love to make my beautiful wife roll her eyes at my sometimes infantile behavior. I believe this constant testing of her tolerance for me may just be the cement that holds our relationship together. (OK that may be overstating it but I know her tolerance of me is a big part of what works for us.) When we were first dating one of the things I loved to do when we went out to eat was to take those little adhesive paper strips that some restaurants use to bind the napkin around the silverware, unwrap it, and stick the adhesive part to my forehead until she noticed. Sometimes minutes would pass before she would see, on one occasion she didn't notice until we were midway through placing our order with the equally unimpressed waitress. I think I got a well deserved kick in the shins for that one.

But these hi-jinks always end the same. I smile, she curses my name and rolls her eyes, I know she loves me, and all is right with the world.

Well I have a confession now. You know those old stories of sailors going out to have a drink or two on the town, and then waking up on ship the next day with a tattoo of a dancing girl on their arm or chest, well that's not exactly the story of what happened here, but you can feel free to fill in any fictional blanks you want once you see the evidence

After finishing reading "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" I was just too inspired by the spirit of The Schwarz and I couldn't help my impulsiveness. Plus, it got me a fantastic eye roll. I knew she still loved me.




  1. Chris's hat got him a discount on some car repairs - imagine what this could get you!

  2. Ha you're right, I'd forgotten about that. I wonder if the masons are into facial tattoos as well.

  3. Oldwolf,

    I can't wait to go bald now!

    Send me you mailing address and we'll send you some more tattoos on the house.



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