Forest To Furniture Demonstration

This last weekend I had the pleasure to demonstrate again at the Castlerock Museum of Arms and Armor in Alma Wisconsin. This time I had been invited to join the team of Tom Latane and Paul Nyborg as we showed the historical process of taking a tree and turning it into furniture.

We had a nice selection of finished pieces and examples. An impressive little collection of work If I do say so myself.

Tom demonstrated the early parts of the process. Taking the fallen tree and riven or pit sawn pieces and breaking them down into workable stock.

Hewing away with the adze

Putting your froe into it

planing to thickness

Checking your work
Paul visited with the crowd about joinery techniques, mortise and tenons and drawbore pins while he worked on refining a sizable timber that's to make one leg of a spring pole lathe.

Working the timber down with a slick

Working with a scrub plane.

A well deserved rest leaning against the nearly finished leg of his spring pole lathe. The thing is massive. 
I demonstrated mostly carving in a period style. Talking about the different techniques, giving pointers, and explaining that no. . . I do not have classes lined up to teach. Something I should think about looking into. I should probably ask Peter Follansbee's blessing first.

The panels I carved ahead of time for display. My first true foray into green riven white oak.
What a pleasure to work with. 
 As a kind of fun thing to play around with, I used the a bit of time lapse photography to show the process of carving one of these panels. It makes for a fun and quick little video.

Thanks to Tom and Paul for letting me pal around and make some woodchips with you.

Ratione et Passionis


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